What the Paul Ryan Choice Means for Women

It’s official. With his selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, Romney has made the campaign to strip Amerian women of our freedom, equality, and economic opportunity a top priority of his presidency. Any ambiguity about Mitt’s personal investment in the antiwomen extremism that infects the Republican base and congressional delegation has now been cleared up.

Paul Ryan is a full service right-winger, a a far-right anti-birth control/ anti-abortion zealot and Grover-Norquist Ayn Rand style anti-government fanatic rolled into one.

Mitt Romney waves goodbye to women’s equality. Paul Ryan congratulates him.

Ryan is rightfully known for his budget “blueprint” (and wrongly known as a fiscal conservative.) His Robin Hood in reverse budget, it is critical to note, would have a devastating effect on women in particular. (more…)

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